Hear the Buzz

I come here every once in a while for lunch. Their food is good and the ingredients taste very clean. I like the mixed mushrooms a little more than the tofu because the tofu is soft. The best is that all their foodware is compostable!

Audrey M.


Wow, i came here just because I like Asian food. I didn't expect this place to blow my mind. The excellent purple rice, the tasteful and fatty spicy pork, and the delicately yummy egg were amazing. Even the homemade green tea beat my expectations.

Viet-Anh N.


This food is awesome! The fun part of this is that you can pick different choices and enjoy. I do keto and it's keto friendly though. I really loved the food.

Juan A.

About Us

Matko is a fast-casual restaurant in San Francisco featuring a Home-style Korean Meal. Featuring Build-your-own Korean Bowl, Dosirak (lunch box) combines fresh Korean Banchan(side dishes) and delicious proteins together for a balanced meal.

We also offer family-size meals(2-3 serving per order), individually packed banchan(12oz), and seasonal menu. Whether you’re on a vegan or gluten-free diet or just a meat lover, we have the right combination for you.

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